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Music Student Organizations at FAU...Are YOU involved?

Not every music student at FAU is aiming for the same thing when graduation nears but they are all asking themselves the same questions, "Where am I going next? Who will employ me and where?" Graduation brings up many questions regarding the future but one thing is always important to remember; The future is built from the actions of the present. So, as students who are hoping to involve themselves in the world of music in one way or another in the next few years...ask yourself these questions instead:

*What am I doing NOW to prepare for my future?

*Will my degree show everything I have done at the University? 

*What sets me apart from my colleagues if we both apply for the same job? If both of us are going to have the same piece of paper with "Your-Name-Here Degree" on it...then who gets the job?

To help you start answering these questions, The Hoot Blog is giving you an inside look at two of the hottest and most important Music Student Organizations happening right here at FAU.


1. What is it?
MEISA is the music entertainment industry's national student association that has been around since the 80s, linking students to real world experience and knowledge in the industry.

"The mission of MEISA is to bring music & entertainment business students together with educators and leaders of the music and entertainment industry to successfully and effectively prepare students for future careers and MEISA is parented by the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) to ensure that goal is met." -MEISA National Executive Board 2010 – 2011

2. What's going on?
MEISA's goal is to get students prepared for future careers in the music industry. They do this by acquainting students with current professionals and relaying to students as much industry information, advice, and opportunities as possible. A perfect example of MEISA involvement is its annual spring conference, which FAU students will be going to California to participate in this spring semester. The spring MEISA conference is a showcase of music industry personnel giving students involved in MEISA all the inside professional information and opportunities they will need to succeed.

Last year the conference showcased "...over 30 keynote sessions, round tables, panel discussions and presentations... twelve academic research paper presentations, presented by MEIEA faculty from both the United States and the United Kingdom". Members of the music industry in all professions and genres can be constantly found at the spring conference providing their expertise to student members. Last year, Pharrell Williams, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/producer, and one of the most successful and prolific entertainers and business entrepreneurs to emerge during the last decade, attended the spring MEISA Conference. 

3. What's the point?
This isn't your school's chess club...MEISA is a nationally recognized organization that will not only be recognized throughout the country's educational system, but more importantly, by top competitors in the music industry itself. Some of MEISA's sponsors are companies that play huge roles in the industry today, such as giants BMI, SEASAC, and Sound Exchange. Having membership and activity in a organization that not only helps you land a job in the industry, but are also already partners with those employers will give you and your resume its own unique light amongst the thousands of others that it will be in competition against.


1. What is it?
Grammy U is to music student organizations what the heart is to humans. Grammy U is the essential organization for the music student who's goal is to be involved in the industry after graduation. It is parented by the Recording Academy itself, the academy that each year is in charge of awarding the most prestigious and respected award in music, The GRAMMY.

"GRAMMY U is a unique and fast-growing community of full-time college students, primarily between the ages of 17 and 25,  who are pursuing a career in the recording industry. The Recording Academy created GRAMMY U to help prepare college students for their careers in the music industry through networking, educational programs and performance opportunities. GRAMMY U is designed to enhance students' current academic curriculum with access to recording industry professionals to give an 'out of classroom' perspective on the recording industry."- Grammy U

2. What's going on?
What ISN'T going on at Grammy U? The organization is constantly providing events for its student members. From their famous "Mixers" in which students from their local chapter come to meet with fellow colleagues and industry professionals, to the Grammy U "Sound Checks" where the organization provides students all access backstage passes to music's hottest and most established acts, Grammy U has the connections to take its members on a constant educational journey.  

A  flier promoting a Grammy U "Mixer" event for the Georgia Chapter, industry giants of the hip hop world including legendary underground producer 9th Wonder provide networking and opportunities exclusively to Grammy U members.

In addition to their important live events, Grammy U has also set up a networking site that is exclusive to Grammy U members called "Grammy 365". This website serves as a private social network where members can create networking opportunities with their fellow students interested in the same music, ideas, and goals as themselves, AS WELL as making connections with industry professionals who are ALSO members of the networking community on Grammy 365. 

Grammy U members meet backstage with Jazz-Fusion giant and critically acclaimed pianist and composer, Chick Corea at a Grammy U "Sound Check" event.

3. What's the point?
Grammy U isn't just about getting information and hearing people discuss things at huge events, Grammy U is ALL about getting their members in direct contact with professionals in the industry. Grammy U is about meeting people, face to face, talking, shaking hands, and being in direct contact with either those who might employee you in the future, or those who may be the future of the business themselves. The point of Grammy U is making connections... and these are connections that need to be made now. If we as students plan to wait until we graduate to start preparing for our careers, then we have already began wasting the opportunities that are being given to us. Grammy U is offering students a chance to get acquainted with the future, its up to the students now to seize those opportunities.


Still have questions on what the Student Music Organizations can do for you? Seeking more real world examples? Comment our blog or join us at:
to learn more and get your questions answered.
Thank you for reading Hoot fans! Catch us next week for the very FIRST FAU-Artist Interview!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul" - Plato

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the world has changed dramatically, and yet one thing has always stayed the same. Music is to this day the description of what cannot be described. The only universal key to all our hearts. Here at FAU there are students who are living those descriptions every single day. From the most bass driven intellectual hip hop, to the hardest and blackest metal, music lives in the heart's and soul's of FAU's student body. Hoot Wisdom Recording's CompOWLation album's vision is to deliver this fact to each and every student at the University and abroad.

The CompOWLation project is one that desires to showcase the musical talents of FAU's student body, with each diverse track composed, preformed, and recorded exclusively by our fellows students at the university. Regardless of your educational goals and life desires, we all have a place for music in our lives. And now, we can all find the best music of all genres that are alive and growing each day right here at our own University.

Hoot Wisdom will release CompOWLation on November 5th, 2010 with the goal of exposing the University population to original FAU music from every genre, while simultaneously raising money to help fund future student's educations with scholarships and grants. We're talking hip hop, R&B, screamo, jazz-fusion, it is an album ripe with the colors of every type of music you can find... If your a metal head, we've got a sick track on CompOWLation full of double bass drum-guitar-sweeping-vocal destruction that will have you begging for another. Think your the only one with a World Music collection? Think again, the track "Oracion" on the album is a 100% world music track featuring the ancient Australian instrument, the Didgeridoo.CompOWLation has pushed itself to be an album that is as diverse as our University itself. And with our excellent group of musicians and students behind us, we have achieved providing that promise on, and now the time is coming for you to experience this sensation for yourself.

Hoot Wisdom Recording artist "Danny B", who is opening for Ludachris at this years Freaker's Ball, is one of the many Commercial Music student's at FAU. His R&B hit "Luvsick" is a featured track on CompOWLation that will soon be taking over car stereos all over campus as it has already on FAU's breezeway and AL/UVA parking lots across FAU.

The Blue Nuke Trio, a furious Jazz-Fusion group featured on CompOWLation. Not a fan of jazz music? One listen to BNT's track, "Candyman" and your perception of Jazz will fall in on itself. With solo's and blazing fast playing, this trio matches speed even with the heaviest Metal tunes they share the roster with on CompOWLation.

Are you a DRP? Or just another regular who cant match watch G.S.T has to offer? If you don't understand what it means to be a DRP, make sure you get your copy of CompOWLation and get educated.

These artists are just the beginning of what FAU has in store for your music collection this November. But don't just take our word for it here at the Hoot Blog, get your OWN taste of what's to come Nov. 5th yourself from this CompOWLation trailer:

The music on this first volume of Hoot Wisdom's CompOWLation was born from the hard work of not only the student's who sang, rapped, preformed, engineered, and produced, on the album but also the countless others who helped contribute to it's creation, which includes every single member of the the University's "Commercial Music" Program. A program that was created by Micheal Zager, who is a Grammy Award winning composer, producer, and arranger, as well as a member of the Board of Governors of the Florida Chapter for The Recording Academy. The purpose of the program is to give students at FAU real world experience in the industry. And the students of the Commercial Music Program have taken full advantage of their professor and mentor's wishes by not only creating their own student run label, but releasing an album on it that will feature their fellow students and the best that FAU has to offer.

The students of The Commercial Music Program at Florida Atlantic University pose for a photo that is to be included in the CompOWLation album they helped put together and release. Photo Credit: Jesus Aranguren.

Don't forget to check out Hoot Wisdom Recordings on facebook to get the latest info regarding the  CompOWLation release party, and how you can get connected with the artists and students who put it all together. Remember to stay connected to find out how you can get YOUR copy of CompOWLation on November 5th, 2010.


Get ready...because FAU's best music is coming your way..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FAU Jazz Jam Monday Nights At The Funky Buddha Lounge

At any given Monday night at the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton, you can find a swarm of FAU musicians coming to satisfy their need for free and improvisational jazz.

Music students have been notoriously known for being piled with classes. This large class count coming from an educational paradox in which a large portion of there required classes consist of ensembles, studios, and combos, classes they love to take, but only give them on average a single credit each. With this reality on their shoulders, music students find "free time" to be a privilege and not a right, having to take 10 or more classes on average to try and meet their goals for graduation. Throughout these busy schedules, music students try and do what they love, play their favorite kinds of music. Many of the courses at FAU allow them to flex their muscles in certain areas, like FAU's symphonic band, and Wind Ensemble. But there are restrictions, and even the smaller combos on campus hold there students to specific musical rules and playing limitations.

"You're not going to get it all from a textbook"- Sam Winikoff

Seeming to almost be driven by this concept, the music students at FAU have been on the lookout for places to play outside of the classroom environment. Places where they can be free to express themselves in all ways and play the music that they each love, never bound by any gerne or style limitations. FAU Senior Anthony Casamassima, had been one of these students searching for a place to express himself outside of the educational realm. A saxophone player who plays in various small groups and bands around Boca Raton, as well as the University Big Bands, Anthony has had his fare share of stage and University playing experience. "But there still wasn't a place where I could just hang out with friends, play the music I wanted to play, not the music someone told me I had to play." At the start of the Fall 2010 semester, Anthony got in contact with the owners of The Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton, an upbeat and musically hyped venue where students had been coming to since its opening for Kava, Drinks, and Live Entertainment.

"I thought to myself, we have a place right here next to the University where students always come to hang out anyways. I needed to turn this into something big, not just for me, but for all of us."

And with that idea, FAU Jazz Jam Mondays was born. Every Monday since its inception in August, student musicians have been coming out to express themselves with no restrictions and no holding back. You can even find various members from Hoot Wisdom Recording's roster at the Jams, such as percussionist Seth Bailen, Drummer of the band, Bell Tower Falls. Tunes of all styles can be heard at the Buddha Lounge, ranging from ealry 50's swing to latin fusion epic's such as Chick Corea's "Armando's Rumba".

Click on the link bellow the next photo to view a video of the jazz cats playing a smooth Bossa Nova Tune written by Antônio Carlos Jobim, entitled " Wave."


Recently, the Jazz Jam's have been drawing a crowd from all different south Florida backgrounds. Singers from as far as Hialeah have visited the lounge, as well as guitarists and brass players from the Miami area. "It's a great experience, being able to come out and play with all these people that are interested in the same thing I am. Just making music and having fun. Listening and learning." says musician Igor Rudenko about the environment at Funky Buddha.

In short, it seems that Anthony Casamassima and his fellow FAU students have now put together something wonderful where musicians and friends can hang out and play.

"It's a great thing," Anthony says, "especially now that all these other people with different majors and people from outside the University are coming as well. Its all about the music, and everyone can enjoy. We have the students and musicians who come out to play and support every Monday. And we also have a nice crowd of students and people from all educational and professional backgrounds who just want to come, hang out, and listen to good music. Its a win win situation."

Check out the next Jazz Jam Monday Oct  4(and every monday after), at the Funky Buddha Lounge:

Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery
(561) 368-4643
2621 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton,FL US 33431

Hoot Wisdom would like to wish Anthony and everyone at the Jazz Jam's good luck and happy jamming.

Thank you for reading and keep checking us out here at The Hoot Blog for updates on ALL things music at Florida Atlantic University. Next week we will be reviewing and giving a preview to our CompOWLation album being released on NOV. 5th right here at FAU. Remember Hoot Wisdom is here to serve you!
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Welcome to Hoot Wisdom

Hello everyone and welcome to the official Hoot Wisdom Recordings blog. A big thanks for checking us out! This blog will be providing readers with 2 major sources of information:

1. Information on all things regarding the Hoot Label, including information on artists, releases, and shows. 

2. The blog will also promote and discuss all musical endeavors happening at Florida Atlantic University. Have a band? Are you a singer, writer, or producer? If you make music in anyway and attend FAU, we would love to not only hear from you, but feature you in our blog and pages, and get your music heard! Were here to serve YOU, and be your one-stop source for all things music at FAU.

Remember, this OUR school.
And OUR music!