Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul" - Plato

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the world has changed dramatically, and yet one thing has always stayed the same. Music is to this day the description of what cannot be described. The only universal key to all our hearts. Here at FAU there are students who are living those descriptions every single day. From the most bass driven intellectual hip hop, to the hardest and blackest metal, music lives in the heart's and soul's of FAU's student body. Hoot Wisdom Recording's CompOWLation album's vision is to deliver this fact to each and every student at the University and abroad.

The CompOWLation project is one that desires to showcase the musical talents of FAU's student body, with each diverse track composed, preformed, and recorded exclusively by our fellows students at the university. Regardless of your educational goals and life desires, we all have a place for music in our lives. And now, we can all find the best music of all genres that are alive and growing each day right here at our own University.

Hoot Wisdom will release CompOWLation on November 5th, 2010 with the goal of exposing the University population to original FAU music from every genre, while simultaneously raising money to help fund future student's educations with scholarships and grants. We're talking hip hop, R&B, screamo, jazz-fusion, it is an album ripe with the colors of every type of music you can find... If your a metal head, we've got a sick track on CompOWLation full of double bass drum-guitar-sweeping-vocal destruction that will have you begging for another. Think your the only one with a World Music collection? Think again, the track "Oracion" on the album is a 100% world music track featuring the ancient Australian instrument, the Didgeridoo.CompOWLation has pushed itself to be an album that is as diverse as our University itself. And with our excellent group of musicians and students behind us, we have achieved providing that promise on, and now the time is coming for you to experience this sensation for yourself.

Hoot Wisdom Recording artist "Danny B", who is opening for Ludachris at this years Freaker's Ball, is one of the many Commercial Music student's at FAU. His R&B hit "Luvsick" is a featured track on CompOWLation that will soon be taking over car stereos all over campus as it has already on FAU's breezeway and AL/UVA parking lots across FAU.

The Blue Nuke Trio, a furious Jazz-Fusion group featured on CompOWLation. Not a fan of jazz music? One listen to BNT's track, "Candyman" and your perception of Jazz will fall in on itself. With solo's and blazing fast playing, this trio matches speed even with the heaviest Metal tunes they share the roster with on CompOWLation.

Are you a DRP? Or just another regular who cant match watch G.S.T has to offer? If you don't understand what it means to be a DRP, make sure you get your copy of CompOWLation and get educated.

These artists are just the beginning of what FAU has in store for your music collection this November. But don't just take our word for it here at the Hoot Blog, get your OWN taste of what's to come Nov. 5th yourself from this CompOWLation trailer:

The music on this first volume of Hoot Wisdom's CompOWLation was born from the hard work of not only the student's who sang, rapped, preformed, engineered, and produced, on the album but also the countless others who helped contribute to it's creation, which includes every single member of the the University's "Commercial Music" Program. A program that was created by Micheal Zager, who is a Grammy Award winning composer, producer, and arranger, as well as a member of the Board of Governors of the Florida Chapter for The Recording Academy. The purpose of the program is to give students at FAU real world experience in the industry. And the students of the Commercial Music Program have taken full advantage of their professor and mentor's wishes by not only creating their own student run label, but releasing an album on it that will feature their fellow students and the best that FAU has to offer.

The students of The Commercial Music Program at Florida Atlantic University pose for a photo that is to be included in the CompOWLation album they helped put together and release. Photo Credit: Jesus Aranguren.

Don't forget to check out Hoot Wisdom Recordings on facebook to get the latest info regarding the  CompOWLation release party, and how you can get connected with the artists and students who put it all together. Remember to stay connected to find out how you can get YOUR copy of CompOWLation on November 5th, 2010.


Get ready...because FAU's best music is coming your way..


  1. Any Arias on the album?

  2. Not yet, but do you have any? If so bring it our way! We want to know what's going on musically with our fans as well!!

  3. When will Christian music go on the album?

  4. As soon as we have a christian band who would love to participate. Know of one? Let us know at